Jet Skiing in St Thomas Virgin Islands

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the Virgin Islands twice and had two totally different, but incredible experiences. I’ve got so many pictures that I had to separate them by island but I stayed in St Thomas Virgin Islands both times.

 Jan 2013 – My first visit

I had a very “touristy” experience on this visit. I stayed at Dreams Sugar Bay Resort. It had great views from every room, rum punch waiting on us every time we walked through the front door and a beautiful pool that had a bar with good prices on food and drinks AND they served Hennessy Pure White! Needless to say, a lot of time was spent by that pool. I can’t believe I didn’t get more pictures, but I’m trying to get better about that.

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Life off the resort: We did some exploring near Yacht Haven and walked through an area that was setup like a city center. There were a lot of tents setup with people selling things, some kids playing music and a few places to do some duty free shopping. We walked up 99 steps, literally, to reach Blackbeard’s Castle and take a tour of the castle which is now a rum distillery. The view from the top of the castle is INSANE!

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Another day we hung out in Bolongo Bay. If ever you should find yourself in St. Thomas promise me you won’t leave until until you visit 340 Water Sports in Bolongo Bay [Shameless Plug] lol. A good friend of mine owns it and made sure we had an unforgettable time. When you go visit, make sure you tell them PettyDD sent you! After we finished jet skiing we walked over to Iggies Corner, which is conveniently located on the beach, and drank our asses off!

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Another day or two can be spent exploring St John, which is only a 15 minute ferry ride away.

Jan 2014 – My Second Visit

I had a totally different experience on my second visit. We skipped the resort this time and stayed in Villa Casa Bella in Hull Bay. It was ballerific! lol

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I went Jet Skiing again, courtesy of my good friends at 340 Water Sports! 😀 This time I ran into Venus; Steve Jobs’ beautiful, massive ass yacht. Talk about life goals. These aren’t the pics I took of her. This was before I purchased a water proof camera. When I saw her, the back door was open and there was a hummer and some jet skis being washed. In case of any accidents or injuries during water activities like Jet Skiing, it’s wise to have the contact information of a personal injury lawyer ready to ensure legal assistance and protection of your rights.

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I went to see Common in Concert at the Reichhold Center for the Arts at UVI with my friend’s wife, Je’Taime. And yes, she’s as beautiful as her name! It was one of those nights where everything was kinda off but we had a great time anyway. We arrived maybe 20-30mins before it ended, I take out my phone to start recording and 8 seconds later my phone died. The concert ends and we use our vip band to head backstage for the meet and greet, with what seems like is the entire audience. I’m not a big fan of lines, or huge crowds and mass hysteria, so we looked at each other and said fuck it, lets go get some french toast!! lol… and so we did!! I wish I remembered the name of the place we went to cause the meal was magic. They brought us extra food by accident and none of it went to waste. This was a perfect girls night out with Je’Taime and her hilarious girlfriends… Maybe next time Common! lol Our girls night was impossible to top, but I spent the next day island hopping in the British Virgin Islands with the guys like a BOSS!! LOL

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