One Love in Nine Mile, Jamaica

We had to figure out how to convert USD to Jamaican dollars REAL quick! Hustlers don’t like losing money, or feeling taken advantage of. LOL So we stayed in to regroup the first night, and did some quick conversion exercises to learn how to quickly do the conversion. It took a little practice [No shame! lol] but by the time we hit Nine Mile to visit the Bob Marley Mausoleum on Day 2, we were converting like natives. Because everybody knows….


Our Jamaican Excursion

I’m a big Bob Marley, so there’s no way I could to Jamaica without doing a Bob Marley tour. We booked an excursion with Karandas Tours and had a fucking blast!! Nine Mile was about a 2 hour trip inland. Our tour guide Robbie was super chill and even made additional pit stops so that we could burn a spliff here and take some pictures. Yeah Mon! 😀 There is a totally different vibe when you’re inland. You see a lot less automotive traffic and a lot more foot traffic. The views change from blue seas to rolling green hills and towns turn into villages. It was hard to believe we were on the same island.

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Now back to the traffic, let me just go on and tell you, JAMAICANS DRIVE LIKE Ja-MANIACS!! Most of the roads in this area are the size of one lane in America, and they zoom through these narrow, winding roads against possible oncoming traffic with little to no visibility. BRING THE XANAX! It’s gonna stress you out. A goat, several birds, and a few people almost sacrificed their life to our car. But thankfully, no one was hurt on our journey. The most amazing part is that, Robbie never tapped the breaks when we were about to hit something. People, and animals alike, pretty much know to move the fuck out the way! lol Now I think I know why Robbie didn’t trip about all the spliff breaks.

Fast forward several stops later, we reached the Bob Marley Mausoleum. As soon as you get out of the car there are several rasta men standing around trying to sell you weed and get you to tour their crops. When we pulled up, two buses pulled in behind us and people from all over the world got off the bus. White people, asians, black people, old people and young people. I thought that was awesome! Bob has been dead for 34 years, and his legacy is still a big source of revenue, not only for his estate, but for the entire island. What an incredible legacy! Anyway, you’ll go up a bunch of stairs and wait around for a new tour to start. There’s a bar, some gift shops, like a shop front install London, and an incredible view to keep you busy while you wait. The tour starts with a few stories about Bob’s birthplace and a look at all of Bob’s musical accomplishments.

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Then you’ll go to another area where they will perform a quick song for you. So many good vibes here. It’s filled with so much history and great stories that I don’t want to ruin, so I’ll just share a few pics.

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Everyone in Jamaica is a hustler. They kind of have to be. So after the tour ends, you walk past a CLOSED metal gate. But that didn’t stop my boy from getting his hustle on. Of course I had to support a local entrepreneur! lol “You got a $5?”

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