Getting Blazed in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Jan 8, 2015 5AM: Nashville, TN – 7 degrees F

It was literally FREEZING outside. I had an early flight that left at 6:10am. This experience taught me alot about flying during during bad weather. I notoriously sleep with my phone on silent. In fact, my phone STAYS on silent all day. Anywho, my flight got canceled due to freezing temps and the airline tried to call me to put me on an earlier flight (5:30am). Shoutout to Southwest Airlines for that.

Well I missed every call. Luckily I was going with someone that called my house phone and told me to get my ass up! lol So I woke up and frantically rushed to the airport. It’s not how I prefer to start a vacation. But I was just happy to be on my way!! Needless to say, I sleep light and turn my ringer on and check my flight status every hour for early flights in bad weather. lol

Jan 8, 2015 11:45am: Montego Bay, Jamaica 86 degrees F Yeah Mon 😀

I LOOOOVVEEEE Jamaica! I had so much fun and even made a few new friends. This may very well become an annual trip! I had so many trill moments with strangers here it seriously felt like home. I feel like Jamaicans are like my cousins lol. They were oh so accommodating with the ganja too. This place is a smokers paradise. Seriously!! Whenever you go here I absolutely recommend that you visit as many areas as you can. They each have their own charm. On this trip I stayed in Montego Bay (Mobay), but also went to Nine Mile to see Bob Marley’s Masoleum.

Sidenote: This was my first time traveling using AirBnB and let’s just say I APPROVE! So from now on when I travel, I’ll be sure to check with AirBnB first. It’s considerably cheaper than staying on a resort and paying resort fees, and tourist prices for food. I think that you get more exposure to the local culture too. Local food is also MUCH cheaper than eating on a resort or going to major restaurant chains. I know it’s not always desirable, but we’ve all got to do better with trying new things. [I’m really talking to myself lol].

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Here is an example of the price differences: We walked to Margaritaville from our condo and spent $3,000 Jamaican Dollars (about $30 USD) for 1 meal that included a sandwich, fries and a bottled water. [oh hell naw!] One day we committed to only eating at local restaurants and we spent $140 JD (about 14 USD at the time) on 2 meals and had leftovers from BOTH meals. That’s easy math and it helps support the locals. Make sure you visit Scotchies for some real jerk chicken. It’s right off the hip strip!

More words of wisdom: When you land in Jamaica, DO NOT EXCHANGE YOUR MONEY FROM U.S. CURRENCY AT ALL if you plan on staying in tourist areas. They price everything in USD in the tourist areas and when you ask them for the price in Jamaican Dollars, you’re gonna feel like you’re being lied to. lmao Just save yourself the hassle. They take USD everywhere and it’s just hard to wrap your head around spending $300 on a brush and a bottle of conditioner [Dixie Peach Hair Conditioner Enriched with Protein, which is the BEST conditioner I’ve ever used] but that’s beside the point. Jamaican Dollars or not, I spent $300 on that shit. lol

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