Getting Pampered in Kusadasi

One of the reasons I was so excited about going to Turkey was the currency exchange. $1 USD was about 3₺ Turkish Lira when I went.  Which meant we got to splurge! We found the Suhan 360 Hotel in Kusadasi and got a deluxe pool room and free breakfast for $60 USD per night. Our room was luxurious. We could walk right out our back door into a pool and the views were spectacular. This was a brand new hotel when we went. They were actually still doing construction on the hotel, which is why our price was so low. But I only noticed the construction when I got on the wrong elevator and got out on the wrong floor. The price for the same room is $130ish now, but I still think it’s worth it for that price.

IMG_4064It would be disrespectful of me not to mention the spa. Aura Spa changes lives. lol At least it changed mine. When I think back to the moment I knew I had to quit my job to find the peace I was looking for, I was at Aura Spa. I had already been thinking about it, but I was waiting on my moment of clarity. That’s when it found me. I was lying in a waiting area in a big comfy robe. I had just finished having a turkish bath on a warm marble slab. I had a clay mask on my face and a champagne glass in my hand. The ceiling was lit up so it looked like I was staring at a dark sky with bright stars. I was about to get a 60 minute massage, but everything about this moment was perfect and I found myself hoping they would take their time. Revelations, for me, usually come at the speed of light. One soft whisper can scream so loud and reset everything I thought I knew. This time it was “You already have everything you need!” This wasn’t something I didn’t already know it was just a well timed reminder and an answer to all of my “how’s?”

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IMG_4166The hotel has a shuttle that will drop you off in the middle of the town. We did the usual browsing and wandering around but found ourselves drawn to the beaches. We hung out at the Jade Beach Club, Limon Beach and Halk Plaji Beach. That one was my favorite. It was a little more crowded than the others, obviously a favorite for the locals, and the water felt great. Somehow it was warm and cool at the same time. My first thought was “Are people peeing in the water?” lol but even when I swam out past everyone else the contrast persisted. I spent the entire time lounging on the beach and smoking water pipes by the pool! Omg take me back!


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