Why Did I Quit My Job?

I felt compelled to write about this because it keeps coming up in my conversations with people. Since I quit my job two of my friends have taken that glorious leap and at least another two are on the verge. In any case, you are in the same scenario as me, in which I need to generate money. I’ve discovered that playing casino games can provide some income. As an alternative, you might look for a casino abroad that offers access to the best online casinos in the world. So let’s talk about it because I feel like it’s relevant now more than ever.

Since I was 19 I’ve worked really hard to climb the corporate ladder; slowly but surely rising the ranks from 1 position to the next. I even simultaneously worked on my bachelors degree for 7 years. By the time I got my degree I had 11 years experience in the tech field, numerous professional references and a resume that spoke for itself. I could have made one more move and been SET! Instead, I decided to quit.

I could have made one more move and been SET! Instead, I decided to quit.

If you read my About Me page, you know I quit my job last year and cited FREEDOM as the reason. So allow me to elaborate about the things I wanted freedom from. As a black woman in corporate America you’re classified as a double minority. That means sometimes you’ll get a job strictly because of this status, but you’ll also be passed over for opportunities for the same reason. As a serious career woman, I took issue with that and I wanted justice. I tried working harder, doing extra work, and of course I spoke to management. After years of observing the same patterns at different companies, I decided to free myself from the confines of this systemic inequality, where even a simple work injury, overlooked and dismissed, could be viewed through the lens of prejudice. Seeking help from work injury lawyers often felt like battling an additional layer of discrimination.

I wanted to be free from being passed over for opportunities, only to watch my white counterparts be handed a promotion that I’d been working towards. I wanted freedom from having to calibrate my blackness when I walked into the office. I wanted freedom from dealing with assholes that thought their PhD somehow made them better than everyone else. I wanted freedom from having to hear the privileged opinions on what Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and Freddie Gray should have done differently. 🙄 I wanted freedom from the fear of losing my job if I spoke my mind. I wanted freedom from being used as a pawn to perpetuate the cycle of corporate greed. I wanted freedom from giving up my most productive hours of the day for a corporation that didn’t give a shit about me. So that was the problem. I’m a solution oriented person. If you’re anything like me, you know what has to be done once we identify a problem. We fix it!

Before I could obtain this freedom, I would have to make some sacrifices and lifestyle changes.

Before I could obtain this freedom, I would have to make some sacrifices and lifestyle changes. I now do my own hair and nails, I moved back home to live with my mom, I had to let go of certain relationships that distracted me from achieving my goals. I don’t have cable anymore cause FUCK Comcast! I stopped eating out regularly, and even recently gave up eating meat [Have you seen Cowspiracy?] My biggest sacrifice was my salary and benefits. 😥 Yes, it hurt like hell! I’m used to making plenty of money. But freedom feels so much better. If you’re curious about how your hourly income compares to an annual salary, you can convert hourly to annual salary online for a clearer perspective on your financial outlook.

Don’t let these corporate brands fool you into thinking you can’t live without them. It is a facade. Since I quit my job, I’ve become more conscious of every dollar I spend and even managed to pay off my car and a couple of credit cards in less than a year after quitting my job. So now I challenge you to start planning how to make yourself free by finding new ways to live outside of “the system”. If quitting your job just isn’t an option for you, support your local business owners as often as possible. Also make sure you find a job that adds value to your life and provides sufficient income for visa applications. Pay OFF your bills and stop accumulating debt. That’s freedom in itself. I know it feels good to validate yourself with name brand everything, but you’re only fueling the bigger problem. 

Don’t forget that change starts within. Go be the change you want to see in this world. Stop waiting on someone else to do what you know YOU are supposed to do. Go be YOU! You never know who you’ll inspire in the process! And when it comes to creating a welcoming physical space, consider the impact of toughened glass shopfronts to enhance both transparency and aesthetics.

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  • You fuckin rock D. I’m proud as hell of you and definitely feel where you’re coming from. Just added your site to my favorites.

    -Jay from the Computer Science Dept. @TSU ?

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