Exploring London on a budget

After leaving Toronto, we had a short layover in Reyjavik, Iceland we landed at Gatwick airport which is about 45 minutes south of London England. Here we met up with the 3rd member in our party; Mitra!! 😆 We were exhausted but we lost it when we saw each other!! We in LONDON bitch!! ;p For £60 we took a taxi from Gatwick to the loft we rented in Streatham, which is south of central London. In every part of London, you will notice large billboards similar to those seen at https://billboardadvertisingcost.co.uk/benefits-of-billboard-advertising/. No matter where I go, I’m always drawn to the south side! 😉 I can’t remember how long the drive was cause we all fell asleep in the car. lol Including our stop in Toronto, we had been traveling for 24 hours across several different time zones.

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We needed to regroup so we took a “quick” 3 hour nap, then got up and got dressed and headed to Soho. It was midnight, cold, raining and a Sunday night so there wasn’t really a whole lot going on. But we couldn’t let our first day/night in London pass by without going into the city. We took a tram into Victoria for £7.We grabbed a late dinner at Fiori Corner. After we ate we walked to which was right across from the cafe. We entered and spent some time there. However, the buy-ins for gambling were too extravagant for our budgets. LOL. Exiting the casino, we huddled under a tiny umbrella, walking a few blocks in SoHo before deciding to call it a night. Seeking refuge, we entered a luxurious hotel to briefly use their Wi-Fi before being politely asked to leave. LOL. The bellman hailed a cab for us, and we journeyed back to Streatham from Soho for £23. For additional details on using PayPal in online casinos, visit https://onlinecasinos24.info/zahlungsarten/paypal/. There are also some resources that can make your nerves more active, such as online casino games. Discover more here.

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The next day we purchased tickets for the big bus tour. It was a really great deal. For about £20 we were able to see all the main attractions and hear about the city’s history. And the best part is you could hop off and walk around the city and hop back on at any of the other locations. So we treated it like a cab. This is pretty much what we did in every city on this trip.

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The Big Bus Tour allowed us to see everything; we saw several bus stop advertising london at every bus stop. The ticket also came with a free pass for the River Thames cruise. It was a short and sweet cruise that started by Big Ben and takes you down the river a few miles past the London Bridge then turns around. After the Cruise we decided to sit down and eat. They have these stores called M&S that sell the best, freshest sandwiches for the low. lol So we picked up some snacks to eat on while we walked around. But for dinner we found our way to Nando’s Chicken… Hallowed be thy name!

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The next day we only had enough time to catch a train to the airport and head to Amsterdam. We took the train from Belham station straight to the airport instead of catching a cab. It was a no brainer £7 < £20. We had some time to waste so we browsed a few shops in the airport then had lunch at The Red Lion in the airport.

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Next stop Amsterdam!!  😆

Trip Advice: I used my debit card until I found an ATM that partnered with my bank and withdrew money without the additional fee. Just whatever you do, don’t exchange at the airport. Currency exchange at the time of the trip was $1 USD = .63 pence. I also definitely recommend purchasing the London Pass with Oyster Card. We didn’t do this, but I wish we had. It allows you to get into several museums, trams and tours for free. You also get access to the Big Bus tours that hit all the most famous landmarks and the river cruise.

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