Catching Up!


I had a baby, or whatever… lol

And surprisingly it’s turned out to be one of the greatest blessings of my life. I actively avoided getting knocked up for 35 years cause I just didn’t have time for it. It didn’t fit with my young, wild and free lifestyle. But who knew the very thing I’ve been running from, was exactly what I needed… Story of my life!

Yes, I’m one of those annoying people that loved everything about being pregnant. I even wanted all my friends to get pregnant so we could be pregnant together. lol Then, when Cairo got here, for the first time in my entire life, I was able to take off 4 months of work without worrying about working. (Unheard of for Capricorn placements). Remind me to tell ya’ll about how having Cairo activated my north node.

I know most people complain about infants waking up every few hours and not being able to get enough rest, but I didn’t mind cause I FINALLY had nowhere to be for the first time in my adult life. It was a much needed and welcomed change of pace. I mean, it helped that the rest of the world also came to a standstill. Cairo was born 3 months into a world wide pandemic. I’ll dive into the trauma behind that experience some other time. Today is for good news. ♥️

Anyhow, I’ve enjoyed every moment of watching him grow up these last two and a half years and the journey of motherhood. I’m the most productive I’ve ever been in my entire life! Yesterday I folded 2 loads of clothes, cleaned Cairo’s room and my room, put together a book shelf I ordered on Amazon, vacuumed the whole house, cleaned the kitchen, used my electric lint remover to clean the lint off the couch, switched out my curtains, ordered groceries, cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner, gave Cairo a bath, and finished some work before bed. By the way, I’m looking for a wallet-friendly microwave option. If ever you have an idea, please tell me. Also, 3 years ago it would take two weeks for me to fold my clothes and wash my hair. lol

MamaDD is efficient AF! lol This level of productivity is a superpower. Ask a mama in your life what all she did today or what’s on her to-do list and I bet it’s like 10 tasks long lol. Also, lighten a mama’s load today by sending her some gas money, cause these kids be running us around town like chauffeur’s.

Additionally, the best guide for affordable, organic baby clothes brands for the softest snuggles is Mom and Baby-approved. See for more details.

Anyway…. while Mars is in Gemini (my 5th house of creativity) for 7 months, I figured I’d take the opportunity to pick up one of my favorite past times… blogging!

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