How to spend 72 hours in Brussels

I didn’t know what to expect when I decided to go to Brussels. I just knew I wanted some waffles. lol I’m starting to enjoy not prepping for a destination that way I’m not disappointed when I can’t fit everything in and I’m pleasantly surprised with what I do get accomplished. I went to Brussels solo and was advised it was a 1 day stop with not a lot to do. This advice could not have been more wrong! I spent two days there but wished I had one more day in this unique city. If I had a chance to do it all over again, here is how I would have spent my time in Brussels.

Day 1: If you arrive before 2pm, check out the free tour by Viva Brussels Free Walking Tour that starts at the City Hall building in the Grand Place. I had a great tour guide named Dora. I know it may be hard to resist, but DON’T call her Dora the Explorer. She hates that shit. lol They tour everyday at 10am, 11am and 2pm and the tour lasts about 3 hours. They’ll take you all around the city showing you most of the famous landmarks in the city and explaining it’s history. I was surprised to learn that the Communist Manifesto was written in the Grand Place by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. And Viktor Hugo (Les Misérable writer) lived there for a while too. I know, real nerd shit. But it was cool. I wouldn’t have given 2 fucks back in school, but I get the best history lessons when I travel to Europe.

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Any who, like I said you get to see all the famous landmarks around the city and learn a little bit of the backstory, but what really matters is the food and drink recommendations you get from the tour guide. Dora told us the best, and cheapest, places to get Belgian fries, beer and waffles at the prices the locals pay. That information is GOLD as far as I’m concerned. lol I did this tour on my last day and found myself trying to retrace my steps to try out all of Dora’s recommendations. I didn’t make it, but not for a lack of trying. After the tour I recommend you do the same. Spend the rest of the day eating and drinking. After all the walking you do in the tour you’ll deserve it!

DSCN0259 IMG_3094 IMG_3195

Day 2: I really, really, REALLY wanted to do a day tour to Bruges and Ghent for €46, but the tour companies were already booked on the days I was there. 🙁 They also have day tours to Luxembourg and Antwerp that seemed like a lot of fun. I’ll  check them out next time. Cause I’m pretty sure there will be a next time. For the day tours, I recommend you book them before you arrive because they fill up quickly. You can find these and more tours on

Day 3: Speaking of next time, I’m bringing my people with me! lol You wouldn’t believe it but they actually have a pretty dope night life. Belgium is famous for their beer so there are a lot of pubs ready to offer you an endless selection of beers. If you’re into it, they also have beer tours you can check out. So for day 3 I recommend you get up, go eat and explore the city on foot. Brussels is the birthplace of The Smurfs and TinTin so the city has over 1500 comic book drawings all over the city. I spent a few hours of my first day getting lost in the city finding as many comic book drawings as I could.

IMG_3123 IMG_3147 IMG_3166IMG_3160

After you finish chasing comic books strips, hit some bars and drink as many different beers as you can handle. There’s a bar called The Big Game Brussels that offers €1 beer for happy hour. Happy Hour lasts from 11am to 12am. How could you NOT? lol Make sure you check out the Delirium Cafe… it’s in the Guinness Book of world records for having the largest beer selection. They offer over 3000 types of beer. And they have an absinthe bar, which is where I plan on taking my people when I go back. lol It’s right across from the Delirium Cafe. Just make sure you come up with a game plan on how to make it back to your room before you start your night! I think that about covers it!

I look forward to hearing about how you spent your time in Brussels!